Monday, May 20, 2019

OBX trip

Last week we traveled by car from New Bern, NC to Beaufort, Atlantic, Cedar Island, Ocracoke, Hatteras,  Whalebone, Nagshead, Kill Devil Hill, Manteo, passed Stumpy Point, through the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, Engelhard, Belhaven, Pantego, Bath and Washington before arriving back in New Bern.

We stayed in Atlantic and Rodanthe and day tripped to see the sights.  It was a very relaxing, enjoyable holiday journey.

This is where the land meets the sea and it is a marvelous and wonderous transition indeed.

The old jail in Beaufort.

Old colonial house in Beaufort.
Looking toward Back Sound toward Core Banks from the tip of Harkers Island, Cape Lookout National Seashore.

With my telephoto lens zoomed out you can see Cape Lookout light from Harkers Island.

Cord grass is the only plant that grows in the salt marsh of the outer banks.  Plenty of blood sucking insects also live here

At the end of the world (Cedar Island) you can get a ferry to Ocracoke.  

It is a 2.5 hour ride and if the weather is fair, it is a most enjoyable ride.

There's always a cowboy.  The speed boat passengers were getting a pounding in the chop of Pamlico Sound.

From Ocracoke Island it is necessary to take another ferry to Hatteras Island which takes about an hour.

The North Carolina DOT operate several ferries to and on the Outer Banks.

From the ferry you can see the waves from the Atlantic Ocean breaking on the shoals at Ocracoke Inlet. Navigation of the Outer Banks has always been treacherous and experienced seamanship is essential.

From NC 12 you can see the Atlantic on one side and Pamlico Sound on the other id you could stick your head above the dunes.

The winds are what attracted the Wright Brothers to the outer banks to conduct their experiments in flight.  The winds are still a huge attraction for wind surfers and kite boarders by the dozens. 

A replica of the Wright Flyer is displayed at the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kill Devil Hills.

US264 west out of Manteo is certainly the "road less traveled" as it meanders past Lake Mattamuskeet and  Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.

An old, weathered church near Pantego.

Bath, North Carolina is an old colonial town that time seems to have forgot.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Visit from an old friend...

The just risen sun kissed the tops of the trees in the back yard. From the west the rumble of thunder approached with a darkening sky and foretold of some much needed rain coming this morning. From the back deck I paused with the bag of trash I was taking to the bin. I looked to the back corner of the yard and saw an old friend I had not seen for more than a year. I thought she would bolt if I moved down the ramp to the trash bin. But, to my surprise, she didn't. I came back up the ramp and stood on the edge of the deck and we just looked at each other. I waved. She just looked at me unconcerned. I went back inside and looked out the window. She stayed reclining naturally. I dared to run and get my camera and quietly went back out on the deck. She posed and let me get just a couple of shots before she wandered back into the woods. The first rain drops said I should return inside. From the kitchen window I looked again the direction to the back yard and saw a different fox with darker markings, perhaps a juvenile, come into the clearing then quickly return.