Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Cyclone Bomb...

They had to call it something -- the storm that developed off the Southeast coast that made the TV news and made Southern folks run to the grocery store.  If we were in New England, they'd just call it a Nor'easter.

This weather is so rare.  The cold is 20 - 30 degrees below normal for this time of year.  Last year winter was so much more milder and the temperatures closer to normal.

It will be Monday before we get any significant melting with temperatures below freezing until then. Some nights in the single digits.


 The shiny thing on the left is my invention, if you can call it that, to keep water flowing to Phaeth in sub-freezing weather. It is a double thickness envelope of Reflectix sealed with silver Mylar duct tape.  I enclosed our water hydrant and water filter with the envelope. The hydrant is wrapped with heating tape and the hose to the coach is heated.  It has been working well with temperatures in the teens.  Saturday night the forecast is expected to drop to 5.  The yellow-orange glow from under the coach is a 75 watt drop light inside the wet bay to help add some warmth.  The wet bay floor is translucent thus the glow.

We put some wild bird seed out for the critters.

St. Joseph looks really cold this morning.

There was a road here... somewhere.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

We Are All Doomed...

Since Christmas we have been in a deepfreeze.  Temperatures are way below normal for Eastern North Carolina.  Days and days of temperatures below the freezing point of water.

The ground is frozen hard.  Joanie and I saw ice on the Trent river as we drove over it yesterday. Walmart is sold out of electric space heaters as well as Instant Pots.

A blizzard is predicted for tonight.  Schools closed this morning (that's a Southern thing) and will remain closed tomorrow.  The snow accumulations are not expected to melt until at least next week. There are no snow plows in Eastern NC so thank God for our 4-wheel drive Jeep.

I have been wearing my Massachusetts' purchased long underwear.  Juniper has to wear her pink winter coat when she goes out.

One blessing I have noticed is that the inside of Phaeth stays cleaner because of the frozen earth - we don't track in any dirt.

It has been way too cold to put up a ladder and take down the Christmas lights.  I will try to get a photo with tonight's snow for next year's Christmas card.

It is fun to watch the "Fake News Global Warming" folks scramble to explain all this.  At least we have not lost our sense of humor.

In the mean time, the ice in the ditches thickens.  We put out more wild bird seed and suet for all of God's critters who know they are in for a survival fight.

We avoid watching TV shows about Alaska, life above the arctic circle, ice road truckers, and Napoleon's Russian campaign and the movie Doctor Zhivago.

Today Joanie and I celebrate our wedding anniversary.  48 years ago we got married in a blizzard. Our life has been a wonderful adventure ever since and being "doomed" together is a great way to go.