Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Joanie and I got a call from some old friends with whom we have kept in contact.  They asked if they could stop by for a visit.  "Sure, heck yeah!", we said. 

When an RVer comes to visit, remember, they bring their house with them.

John (aka "Boots") and Joan Malin have been great friends for several years now.  They are probably more responsible than anyone else for us being fulltime RVers. We have attended rallies together and had lunch when our journeys brought us close together.  Back in the days when we all lived in stick and brick houses, we met at church and were part of a group that regularly dined together on Saturday nights, calling ourselves the Saturday Night Regulars. 

We quickly called a good friend, Chris Anderson, who is an excellent electrician, and he quickly installed an extra 50 amp outlet here at Camp Alexander so the Malins would not have to run their generator.

 The Alexander RV Park.
Joan Malin, my Joanie and "Boots".

Do ya' wonder why they call him "Boots"?
And some spring color ...

There are colors in nature that show themselves only for a moment and you have to be awake and outside to experience them.  I find early morning to be the most fascinating time of day to experience this.
Gentle, cool blues and purples get abruptly pushed aside by blazing oranges and reds.


Joanie's picnic table spring flowers.

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  1. Nice Spring flowers. We have a FHU site at the house we recently bought in Alabama. Looking forward to having RV guests stop for a visit with their own home to tow. Enjoy your time with friends.