Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some things I've seen ...

On occasion I am moved to grab my camera and try to record things that I have found interesting.  In the last couple of weeks we have had a "super moon", a controlled  burn in a forest and some birds feeding.

The so-called super moon from a few weeks ago.  Moisture in the atmosphere gave the ordinarily gray light some color.

The super moon was powerful enough to burn through a weak cloud layer.
The Forestry Department performed a "controlled burn" in The Croatan National Forest and for a couple of days the smoke changed the color of the sky around us.  One afternoon it had an interesting and eerie effect when it mixed with clouds.

 Pieces of ash fell from the sky
The smoke climbed into the clouds and added a uniquely yellow color to the gray clouds.

A dozen or so of these birds thought they would try these seeds.  Two or three at a time would swoop down from the tall pines near by, grab a seed in its beak and fly back up into the pine to digest it.  This went on for over an hour.

A rather large flock of birds had breakfast in some trees in the back of our lot.  The black seeds bunch like grapes that have been hanging all winter and I have never seen any other critter take an interest in them until today. If you can identify the species of this bird, let me know.
 One morning not long ago, I lead the dogs out for their morning constitutional and was greeted by a  fiery sky to the east.  I was reminded of the adage "Red sky at morning, sailor take warning."  But the weather was nice all day. 
And something we did ...
We received a phone call the last week of February from our mail forwarder.  The news we heard was not good.  The business was to close on the last day of March.  They were apologetic and said our fee for the remainder of the year would be refunded.  We will now have to contact every entity we do business with, all our friends and organizations and notify them of a change of our mailing address.  We have done this twice in the last 3 years and it is a PIA. We decided rather than to find another mail forwarder, we would ask a friend when we are traveling to pick up our mail from a regular mail box.  Our friend was gracious to do this for us.  This is difficult news for our ability to travel unimpeded and, even after our traveling days are over, I will always look at that mailbox I put up as an anchor! 😠

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