Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's resolutions ...

I have run across a few full-timers' blogs who do a lot of great photography and have made the New Year's resolution to go out and find a great photo every day.  One did for a couple months but then life went and got in the way. I made a resolution a few years ago that I would no longer make any New Year's resolutions but I always thought the "one good photo a day" would be a neat resolution.

So I took my camera with me when I took the dogs out New Year's Day. 


I think, if I could get up the gumption, that I would like to do a photo documentary of mail boxes.  Mail boxes are quickly disappearing now that almost all communication is electronic.  We don't own a mail box.  A few in our neighborhood have already ceased their function.  Nature is quick to reclaim man made things. 


But the rains came this morning.  I was not about to take my camera outside in the pouring rain today so I aimed it out the window.

I wonder if I will remember to get something tomorrow.

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