Monday, January 16, 2017

Enduring winter ...

The Feast of the Epiphany came and we took down the Christmas decorations.  We also braved the arctic clipper and hope that that was worst Winter could do to us.  We had only a dusting of snow but for three days were below freezing.  The water froze at the spigot connection in the water filter.  Joanie bundled up came out to help me remove the filter, brought her trusty hair dryer gun. Pistol packin' mama applied it to the spigot for about 4 minutes and water was once again flowing to Phaeth.

Joanie has to do the dreaded prep for the dreaded colonoscopy this week. My turn will come in May.  (We try to do these things together but the last time we both went to the doctor, he saw that it was time for Joanie to have the procedure but he missed that on me because I kept up a banter of complaints that took his mind of it.  But they do a review of all the patients records at the first of the year and they found their miss on me.  I got a phone call last week saying I was scheduled in May.  Dang it! Got caught!). Oh, well, this too shall pass.

We hope that this is the absolute worst Winter serve up this year.  Just a dusting ...

...and a little ice in the ditch.


We have a heated drinking water hose and heated stand pipe but the water filter was not,  It was insulated but 15 degrees was too much for the puny insulation I had on it.  After unfreezing the spigot I covered it in layers of old shirts and a black t-shirt warmed it in the sun.  I put the bucket over it after the sun set to hold in some of the warmth.

I also noticed a slow drip from the fresh water tank drain valve.  It stopped when the temps came back to normal.

My birthday came and went with Joanie fixing me my favorite seafood dish - shrimp creole.  Mmmmm. 

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