Monday, December 5, 2016

Busy week ...

Everyone knows how hectic this time of year is - Christmas decorations to go up, Christmas cards to get out, Christmas gifts to get sent, along with all the regular routine.  We did  (or are in the process of doing) that.  We also did some extra stuff that we normally do not do - I joined the church choir, Joanie and I went to the movies and we cooked and served dinner at the local soup kitchen.

We went to see the movie Fantastic Beasts.  We almost never go to a new picture in the first week of its release, we had the theater almost all to our selves.  ...

... Only one other couple viewed it with us.  That was weird.

Joanie is getting ready to serve dinner at the local shelter. RCS is a group of churches who provide volunteers to help keep the homeless shelter open and the residents fed.  It is a good and worthwhile thing that they do and we are glad to help out once in a while.

I made my infamous chili served with sour cream and shredded cheese and Fritos and Joanie made fresh salad and we served cake for desert. I have to admit that it was, with out any doubt, the very best chili I have ever made.  I stuck to my usual recipe but added some ground pork to the ground beef this time and made enough to feed 20+ people.  I had many compliments from the diners so after we had served everyone, I had a small bowl myself and had to agree.  

There is a Face Book group called Full-Time RVers of which I am a member.   It is a very large group and among them are a lot of newbies looking for help and advice (which I can do on most subjects) and many wannabes.  Quite often a newbie or wannabe will post a comment about being unnerved by the process of getting rid of everything and selling their houses.  Often they will complain about having anxiety attacks and being frightened and second guessing their decision so I posted the above and as of this morning had 343 "likes" - the most I have ever had.  

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