Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving ...

Before Thanksgiving I had to take Hope (our Jeep toad) into the shop because of a noise in the front end.  We have just completed a 1,700 mile trip to Florida and back.  Hope is now on her third set of front brakes and only has 30,000 miles.  That includes her second set of rotors and third set of front calipers.  This Jeep has been rough on brakes and tires.  This last episode had rather severe damage to the right inside caliper after eating up the brake pad there.  I'm going to take her in after a few months to check on wear.  I may have to have the brake pistons replaced and fluid replaced.

Hope up on a lift having brakes worked on.
Thanksgiving morning dawned brightly and beautifully.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with a large group of loving people makes everything taste so much better.
 We were graciously entertained at the home of Al and Janis Moffat who live not far from here.  Al proudly displayed his recent enrollment into a new political group as seen on his t-shirt. There were no Thanksgiving political arguments at the dinner table. People in the South are so much more gracious. 
This diner proved that too much turkey will indeed make you lose consciousness.  
The eastern sky at sunset on Thanksgiving Day on the Neuse River.


A little girl succumbs to the temptation of playing with the bird bath. 


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  1. My, what a large group. Liking the shirt, count us in.