Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Florida Trip ...

Joanie and I have been some what parked in New Bern due to health issues but finally, with great improvements we weighed anchor and began a trip to Florida to visit my dad, aged 94.

Driving south on US 17 to US 76 then to I-95 we were not prepared for what we encountered. Seeing the devastation left behind by hurricane Matthew had much more impact on us than reading about it or hearing about it on the news. The Lumber River and Little Pee Dee River overflowed their banks to record levels.  Everyone in this region was affected.  Many lost everything.  The town of Fair Bluff was no longer a functioning town.  There were no longer any business open. No stores. No gas stations. Everyone gone. Shells of buildings and houses were all that was left. Huge piles of trash and debris were left on the side of the road to be picked up.  I wondered if it would ever be.  Power had been restored to some places and it looked like a convenience store would eventually re-open.

US 76 goes through Fair Bluff which for all intents and purposes doesn't exist anymore.

It was the same in Nichols, SC.

We saw the last truck leave the last sweet potato farm, so everything was not loss.


 Came up on this old converted bus the owner of which is cashing in on a little free publicity.  T. Rump sells Florida fruit and wants to make fruit juice great again.
Gotta' love the drivers on I-95.

My brother Stu and my dad.  Dad is 94 years old.
We are parked at John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL.

A tree outside our window.

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