Wednesday, November 30, 2016

After Thanksgiving ...

Joanie asked to have the turkey carcass and immediately put it on the stove to make turkey soup.  Joanie makes darn good turkey soup. 

For breakfast Joanie used left over collard greens instead of spinach to make a country omelet with bacon and Swiss cheese.
Saturday after Thanksgiving we had another feast - an oyster roast at Candle's.

The story goes that they got the oysters from Texas.  I believe it!  I have never seen oysters this big!
Sittin' round the camp fire...

... lippin' and sippin' ...

...roasting some marshmallows ...

... fending off the chilled night air.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving ...

Before Thanksgiving I had to take Hope (our Jeep toad) into the shop because of a noise in the front end.  We have just completed a 1,700 mile trip to Florida and back.  Hope is now on her third set of front brakes and only has 30,000 miles.  That includes her second set of rotors and third set of front calipers.  This Jeep has been rough on brakes and tires.  This last episode had rather severe damage to the right inside caliper after eating up the brake pad there.  I'm going to take her in after a few months to check on wear.  I may have to have the brake pistons replaced and fluid replaced.

Hope up on a lift having brakes worked on.
Thanksgiving morning dawned brightly and beautifully.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with a large group of loving people makes everything taste so much better.
 We were graciously entertained at the home of Al and Janis Moffat who live not far from here.  Al proudly displayed his recent enrollment into a new political group as seen on his t-shirt. There were no Thanksgiving political arguments at the dinner table. People in the South are so much more gracious. 
This diner proved that too much turkey will indeed make you lose consciousness.  
The eastern sky at sunset on Thanksgiving Day on the Neuse River.


A little girl succumbs to the temptation of playing with the bird bath. 


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

... and back to New Bern ...

Joanie and I helped my brother a little with moving my father to an assisted living facility in Boynton Beach, Florida.  The move was something he really did not want to do.  However, his safety was becoming too much of an issue.  We pray that he will transition easily and find new friends there.

We had dinner at the local American Legion Post in Boynton Beach on Veteran's Day with my dad's friend and tennis buddy Duke Baun, a Marine during WWII.  To the right is my dad, a WWII Navy veteran.

We had dinner one evening at Ellie's 50's Diner in Del Ray Beach.  Joanie thought this waitress looked a little like Hillary. The waitress said we were not the first to tell her that.

This young lady, who looked remarkably like Barbie, was very quiet and a bit standoffish.

The weather, of course, is why so many people are attracted to Florida.  Lobo and Juniper had just become acclimated to autumn when we brought them back to summer time.  They may have been a bit confused.
We broke the 820 mile trip down into 3 days of travel.  Boynton to St. Augustine. St. Augustine to Walterboro, SC, then Walterboro to New Bern.  Most of the way on I-95. Leaving Walterboro, we saw the smog created by all the wildfires in the Southeast.  The wildfires also made the Super Moon look pink or gold. Over on the left side of the highway you can see a hurricane damaged bill board.  We saw hundreds of wind damaged signs and billboards and a few toppled barns.  Road crews from Florida to North Carolina are still very busy removing all the tree debris.

Headed north on I-95 we encountered a steady stream of motor homes, fifth wheels and travel trailers headed south - snow birds escaping the coming winter. We kind of felt "odd man out" heading north. Occasionally we had a little company and felt better. (Look in my side view mirror).

The trip north on I-95 was uneventful until we exited on to US-13 and then on to NC 55 to head east to New Bern.  We encountered much more devastation from Hurricane Matthew.  This time it was the Neuse River valley.  The detours from washed out roads and highways added more than an hour to our trip. We also saw so many homes and businesses damaged from the floods.  Huge piles of household debris have yet to be picked up. We need to keep these poor people in our prayers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Florida Trip ...

Joanie and I have been some what parked in New Bern due to health issues but finally, with great improvements we weighed anchor and began a trip to Florida to visit my dad, aged 94.

Driving south on US 17 to US 76 then to I-95 we were not prepared for what we encountered. Seeing the devastation left behind by hurricane Matthew had much more impact on us than reading about it or hearing about it on the news. The Lumber River and Little Pee Dee River overflowed their banks to record levels.  Everyone in this region was affected.  Many lost everything.  The town of Fair Bluff was no longer a functioning town.  There were no longer any business open. No stores. No gas stations. Everyone gone. Shells of buildings and houses were all that was left. Huge piles of trash and debris were left on the side of the road to be picked up.  I wondered if it would ever be.  Power had been restored to some places and it looked like a convenience store would eventually re-open.

US 76 goes through Fair Bluff which for all intents and purposes doesn't exist anymore.

It was the same in Nichols, SC.

We saw the last truck leave the last sweet potato farm, so everything was not loss.


 Came up on this old converted bus the owner of which is cashing in on a little free publicity.  T. Rump sells Florida fruit and wants to make fruit juice great again.
Gotta' love the drivers on I-95.

My brother Stu and my dad.  Dad is 94 years old.
We are parked at John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL.

A tree outside our window.