Sunday, September 4, 2016

I am a morning person; always have been.  I am fascinated by what a little bit of light reveals to me and to my camera lens. Over the past two and a half years on the road I have recorded what I have seen.
Our own shadows hide in the dark of night and creep closer to us while we lie in our beds. Those shadows, unique only to us, are now short lived because of morning.  The light of morning chases away those shadows making a place where they can no longer hide near us.

Off in the distance, through the stillness, the truck tires sing on the pavement.  The all-night driver notices in the east the first touch of blue to the blackness of the night and his fatigue is relieved, the weight on his eyelids suddenly lifted.

With first light crickets and tree frogs shut up and in a moment the first bird sings and others answer.
I survived.  The cold dissipates with the first rays of the sun, melting the frost, drying the dew on the grass. 

I am alive. I wonder, wonder what this day will bring, what victories will I have, what things will I accomplish, what new experiences lie before me, what new discoveries will I see? What new life will I live this day?



Each morning is a re-birth.  A reminder of the great gift God gave me – being dead to sin and now again alive because of His salvation, His forgiveness, His mercy.  All because He loves me.   Morning is a reminder that I have life because God loves me.  He loves me enough to create for me the stars, the moon, the sun, the vastness of space, the earth I walk on, the air I breathe, the water I drink and the food I eat.  All because He loves me.


The sun casts long shadows that makes it easy to watch the movement of earth turning its face to its star.

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