Sunday, September 18, 2016

Family Fun ...

Last weekend we had some fun with my sisters and nephew and nieces.  Bowling, of all things!  I broke a hundred, once.

Joanie, my sister Marcie, my sister Betsy, Betsy's husband Mike, my sister Denise, me, our niece Cynthia Hazel holding Kaelynn, our nephew Nick and his wife Randi.

Our Nephew, Big Nick Kaldrovics and his lovely wife Randi and their daughter Kaelynn.

Our niece, Cynthia Hazel Stem
Kaelynn and her grandpa waitin' for her turn.

Marcie, Betsy, Denise and Cynthia Hazel with little Kaelynn.
 Later that day we went out to eat with Denise and her husband Vinnie, Betsy and her husband Mike and Marcie.  Vinnie took us to a truly Italian restaurant near Stewartsville, NJ.  Enjoyed a great meal with great company!  Thanks, Vinnie!
Love them all!

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