Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Driving Pennsylvania...

Phaeth (our motor home) is 37 feet long.  With Hope (our Jeep Wrangler toad) and the tow bar connected, we are close to 47 feet long.  Phaeth is 101 inches wide (8.4 feet), not counting side view mirrors and other attachments. A lot of Pennsylvania's roads are barely two lanes wide.  We have had problems with roads in the Keystone State before (see http://www.phaethtofulltime.com/2016/05/yesterdays-white-knuckle-adventure.html) and they are not the kind of excitement I appreciate.

Well, we did it again a week or so ago going through Jim Thorpe, PA.  The stills I grabbed from my dash cam look quite tame compared to the moving picture and they do not show my white knuckles especially as I drove by the police station.

We were maneuvering into the left turn lane ...

...waiting to make a left hand turn and hoping Hope will clear the traffic unscathed.

 We got a few glances from the folks in Jim Thorpe when they saw the big motorhome cruising through their town.


Needless to say, we asked at the campground office if there was an alternative way to arrive or leave the campground.  There was a large stack of Xeroxed instructions on the counter and they gladly gave us one and we gladly accepted it.  RVers have to be able to navigate using paper rather than electrons.

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  1. Pa has so many of those small quaint towns. But a bugger to drive through. Also, they must not believe in street lights. Those narrow, winding two lanes roads get mighty dark at night. Still I love parts of PA.