Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ancestry Research ...

Joanie has been trying to research her father's side of the family and it has been a bit of a struggle.  Last year she found where her grandfather was buried ( and now we are near where he was born.  Using Joanie has come in contact with several distant cousins and that has been fun.  The traipsing around cemeteries during the dog days of summer cannot be called pleasant, however. I much preferred sitting in the air conditioned church rectories digging through old parish registries translating Latin.

Joanie is related to Gallagher's, McHugh's, Kennedy's and Carlin's.  Joanie's great, great, great grandmother had the beautiful, old country name of Una McHugh and was married to James Gallagher.

Cemeteries in our culture are not joyful places especially when you come across markers like this. 


Two Gallagher cousins, Bernie and Ann look at family photos with Joanie.  Both Bernie and Ann still live in the family hometown of Coaldale.

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