Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wild Animals of the Maine Coast ...

While lobsters might be considered the first animal you might think of, lobsters around Mount Desert Island are really more farmed than caught in the wild since all their predators have been eliminated and they are fed by humans until they are of a certain size.  Therefore, I will skip the tasty crustacean and show you what Captain Shaw was able to reveal to us.

The bald eagle nests on Mount Desert Island and fish in the surrounding waters.

Captain Shaw has done extensive studies of the eagles here and knows well the vantage points from which they like to hunt.

 Cormorants are great fishers.  They will dive into the water and swim after their prey and when the fish is caught, swallow it whole.
 Eider ducks go for a swim near the rocks.
We made our way out to Egg Rock where there is a now unmanned light house ...

... and birds use the place to nest and seals to rest and sun bathe.


And this how they sleep in the warm summer sun.


Eider ducks and gulls share the rock with the seals.

Harbor seals and gray seals rest together ...

... along with sea birds.

The seals watched us with curiosity until, suddenly, one jumps and they all high tail it into the safety of the water. 




  1. Gosh for a moment I thought you took those pics off Valdez, AK. Seal otters, eagles...... looked like Alaska. Watching critters is fun, isn't it?

  2. Don't know how many times we said, "Wow! Look at that!" But it was a lot!