Monday, August 1, 2016

Rocky Coast of Maine, Day 4 ...

Today we moved away from the coast for a bit to a community called Franklin that features an artist community with studios and galleries.  We also were stricken by the number of abandoned business buildings and houses.  It is interesting to see how nature reclaims the things man leaves behind.  One of the locals we spoke to mentioned that this part of the country has never really recovered from the last recession. They also mention that some times winters can be so difficult that people just walk away.

Artist studio and gallery.

Studio's garden.


 We visited a potter's and weaver's studio which was open but no one home.  A sign on the counter said that purchases can be made on the honor system by placing cash or check in a lock box on the wall.  Joanie bought an artisan pot in which to bake bread.

The sun shines on us on one side of the harbor while a fog bank rolls in on the other side.  White dots in the water are lobster pot marker buoys. 


Eider ducks swim in a group just off shore.


 "Hey, man!  Probably not a good idea to take pictures in the middle of the road!"
"That's better."

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