Thursday, August 25, 2016

Before Leaving French Canada ...

I have one more short blog about our visit to French Canada and then I will catch you up on other things we have been doing...

We went looking for a Roman Catholic church while in Quebec and found many but they were all French speaking.  Several villages away we found a church that said one Mass a week bilingually. In that same village we ran across an Anglican church and knew that English would be spoken there.  However it was a half hour drive away.  So we decided to go to Mass in Bromont at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church and see what Mass would be like in French. 

If you look carefully on the paneling ledge to the right and left of the altar you will see things that decorate the church, the things that Father is fond of.  You will see the Brazilian flag AND a set of golf clubs among other things.

When we entered we saw the priest, who was wearing a plaid shirt and tie, was cleaning and straightening things around the main alter and spotted us and greeted us in French.  He thought we were Québécois tourists. He discovered very shortly that we only spoke English and he made us feel very welcome in English which he said he does not speak very often.  He also called out to two other of the congregation coming in for Mass whom he said also spoke English.  It seemed to take them awhile to get cranked up in English even those for whom it was their original language because it had been so long since the used English.

Father robed for Mass and we took our place in a pew.  The Mass in French was lovely and lilting and we knew what was going on at any given time; we just could not know what exactly was being said. 

After Mass father spoke to us again.  He told us that he was a missionary in Brazil when he was younger and had a great fondness for the Brazilians.  He pointed out a flag of Brazil up near the main altar along with some other things of which we guessed he was fond.


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  1. Nice! Hubby, being Cajun, should know French. However his Mom and Dad never taught the children as they wanted to talk in front of them without their understanding. Too bad.