Thursday, July 14, 2016

Making our repairs ...

Back on Father's Day I discovered a small leak in our water heater.  Well, we finally got the replacement water heater but not with out a hitch.

For those of you who are feeling sorry for us not having the convenience of hot water, rest assured we had plenty.  The water heater continued to work even as it was failing.  A weld on the tank was rusting through allowing a trickle of water to leak ever so slowly. 

Joanie convinced me that hot water was way too essential to living to entrust the replacement of the unit to me and so convinced me to call in some help.  I was advised that an RV tech the campground owner knew personally was the guy to get.  Getting the part was not quite as easy.  However, the part came this week and work began removing the old water heater and prepping the new one to go in...

View from the inside.  The water heater is just below all the wiring.
Old water heater removed.

The new one is ready to go in.
OK.  Here's the hitch.  The RV tech brought the new unit with him from his supplier and failed to check to see if it was indeed the correct part.  Woops! The unit he came with was a gas only water heater.  We need gas AND electric unit.  So he calls the supplier and the supplier realizes that his entire shipment is wrong.  The RV tech is a veteran with 40 years in the RV industry and quickly locates the correct part but has to drive south of Worcester (pronounced Wister in these parts) so was gone for two hours but arrived again this time with the correct part.


"Frustrated yet?" Our RV tech, Bob Everbeck, was professional throughout the procedure including answering all my questions and politely and graciously declining all my entreaties to lend a helping hand. 

While the tech was gone, I thought it prudent to cover this big, gaping hole in Phaeth to keep out the mosquitoes and keep in the air conditioning.

The new water heater installed except for the trim frame that seals it from the weather.

Done!  Nice hot water once again. A little "elbow grease" removed the water stain.  Joanie said to me, "Now you are going to have to find something else to worry about".

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