Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Some recent happenings...

Here are a few updates on what we have been doing in the last few days:

Playin' with Kay and Dot...


 Father's Day...
Sherri baked one of her fabulous pies for which she is becoming famous!  Strawberry rhubarb which was dessert for our Father's Day feast!

"Father" Don setting up to do some serious campfire cooking.

"Father" Bob (me), "Father" Steve (Sherri's dad) and "Father" Don (our oldest son) celebrating Father's Day!
Capturing some nature...

Yesterday was the first day of summer but we cannot let spring off the hook this year without mentioning the plague of pollen we have experienced.  We have had a long spring starting it in March in North Carolina and finishing with it here in Massachusetts.  Some day in the next couple of weeks we will get a good soaking summer shower that will wash all this pollen off us. 

 A chipmunk snoozed one afternoon outside our bedroom window.
The chipmunks own this section of woods outnumbering squirrels greatly.

Uh oh! ...
 Father's Day I discovered a "leak" slowly dripping from our hot water heater.  This is really not good.  The water heater is still working but a pin hole has opened in the tank weld.
Luckily it is draining to the outside and not to the inside.
I took some paneling apart to make sure we were not getting wet inside the coach. Beneath the spaghetti  mess of wiring to the AC circuit breaker panel and the 12 volt DC fuse panel is the water heater which is surrounded by the white styrofoam below.  I think I could install a new water heater myself but after Joanie saw that I would have to negotiate through all this wiring, she told me to higher an RV tech to do the job.  The tech I called said that the part will not be in until July 5.  So we drip.
Mall shopping with Dot...

Dot wanted to eat lunch at a fancy "bait shop".  The sushi runs around the restaurant on a conveyer and you just grab what you want.  The new automat.

Dot and her grandma shoppin".

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