Sunday, June 5, 2016

Real work ...

Real work ...

Don and Sherri, our oldest son and his wife, belong to a produce co-operative to get fresh vegetables.  For the veggies they work on the farm for x number of hours every season. Yesterday we volunteered to help and they got credit for our time spent in the field. 

That is not a clip board in my hand.  It is a pad for my knees.

We were weeding couple rows of beets.

After two hours of working in the hot sun, we sat down to cool off in the shade of an old tree and re-hydrated.  Note the dirt on my knees and on Don's jeans.

We had a vegetarian pot luck lunch provided by all the co-op hands there to work yesterday and then went home to shower all the Massachusetts dirt off of us and take a nap.

This morning we are a little stiff and tomorrow will be even a little worse before it gets better.  But it is a good feeling because our work was so "productive".

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