Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Scratching the feet...

Yesterday we left New Bern.  We had never been in one place that long since we started full-timing. We were there from January to May with only a very short trip to Cummins for Phaeth's yearly servicing. We were there to see old friends and for doctor and dentist visits  which turned out to have some minor complications keeping us there longer than our itchy feet wanted. 
Joanie does the final walk around check (making sure I did all the things I was supposed to do) and checking the lights for proper operation. The lights on the toad (Hope) did not work so had to reconnect the electrical umbilical and we had the same glitch airing up Phaeth but all was OK.
Our route was north on US 17 and US 13 to Cape Charles, Va.  This route takes you up through Norfolk and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel complex.  We had prepared ourselves for a little white knuckle driving with the close tolerances of the tunnels and indeed I held the steering wheel tight when another RV came at us head on in the tunnel. He was over the yellow line and I breaked hard and squeezed over to the right as much as I thought I could giving him all the room I could.  Other than that, we had more problems driving through all the construction in Norfolk with its ill mannered drivers.

Joanie and I grinned at each other to be on the road again.  Watching the great coastal plain through our big picture window roll by was so enjoyable.  It feels so good when you scratch that itch!

This is our view at Cherrystone Family Campground and RV Resort in Cape Charles, Va.  We have a great view of Chesapeake Bay out the picture window.



  1. After I married and no longer lived at home, Mom and Dad started Camping. Every year they went to Cherrystone. That's was WAY back in the 60's. I never have been there. Maybe one of these days.

    Hope to enjoy it!

  2. I can see why they did. The air off the Bay is so fresh and cool. This probably the largest campground we have ever been to. But since almost no one is here (the season is just getting started here) we have plenty of elbow room. They have more activities and amenities than just about park we have been in. Definitely don't want to be here from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the sites are too close together.