Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If it's broke, fix it...

Gotta' have our PBS!  Gotta' have our weekly fix of Anglo telly! 

We love watching PBS for many reasons - it programming is just plain superior to our American made junk, and it does not interrupt the program with crass, repetitive commercials. (This from a guy who made a career in advertising). 

So when we cannot get our PBS fix on the road, as campgrounds don't have PBS on their cable systems and we cannot get PBS over our Direct satellite system because we are away from our pin spot beam, we have to get it from the local over-the-air station.  Sometimes we cannot do that due to our physical location.  Sometime we can't get it because our OTA antenna has not been working for some time now. 

Yeah, it's broke and it is time to fix it.  So we went up on the roof to dismantle the old thing and see if we could bring it back to life. 

Going up on Phaeth's roof... remove this saucer shaped antenna.

The culprit removed from the roof brackets.
Joanie brought me up tools.


Ready to receive the new antenna whenever it gets here.

Lobo and Juniper watch the proceedings with some concern.

Juniper was concerned enough to take cover under the picnic table.  "Juni, did ya' think I was goin' to fall on ya'?" 


Well, it turned out that the prognosis was not good for the old antenna.  In fact there was no prognosis since it was already long dead and there was no hope resuscitate it because the item is no longer being manufactured nor are parts available to make repairs.

We ordered a new Winegard Rayzar Automatic Antenna which should be here on Friday, so we will have Saturday to install it and watch our favorite Sunday night telly from Great Britain.


  1. they still show the reruns of what was my favorite. Eek..... can't remember the name. One sister was Hyacinth. Her hubby was Richard. Then there was Rose and Daisy. Daisy had a husband Oslo. Then the sister we never saw, Violet, who had a yard big enough for a pony. I know, I will wake up in the middle of the night remembering the name. Loved that show

  2. The name of the program was "Keeping Up Appearances".