Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The neighborhood view...

Last Sunday was one of those glorious days that make you pay attention to what God has given us and just naturally give thanks.  I was still feeling well myself since the effects of the steroids they gave me when I had my allergic reaction had not quite worn off.  I went for a hike with my camera to record "Spring on our street".

Our neighbor has a large holy bush that produces abundant bright red berries.

 The wind whispers through the tops of the big Southern Yellow Pines.  A change in the weather causes them to howl.  When the wind is from the north and east it blows unimpeded across the Neuse River, hits the bluff and bounces up and over us; we feel little of the wind.  When the wind is from the south and west, it rattles our toppers.  We have had to keep the awnings retracted more than  deployed due to the winds here.  It is surprising that there are no wind farms here.  

Joanie and I always joked about "when we retire..." we will only be able to live in a trailer at the end of an old logging road.  Well, we got the "end of the road" part right.

Wisteria is everywhere in our neighborhood.  It grows wild and left unchecked by human intervention will choke out many other plants, bushes and trees.

Some people plant Wisteria because it has such a beautiful blossom but left on its own, it is a killer!
A Dogwood lives near a security light.

Wisteria stars in the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - in slow motion, of course. 


Wisteria and a Pyracantha bush battle it out.  Guess which will win?

Vines create impenetrable thickets around here.


 We live on the west side of the Neuse River on a bluff  which puts our lot about 15 to 20 feet above mean sea level.
 Looking north up the river.  Many people have tried to put docks out into the river.  Storms have away of taking out all but the sturdiest.
Sea birds are a constant presence at this point over the Neuse River.  The river widens here just before it flows into Pamlico Sound where many of the sea birds come from.

The struggle to survive in nature often comes with the demise of another creature.  The vines are overtaking and killing these two once stately pines.

Vinca grows wild in an empty lot.

This cedar tree is being overtaken by Wisteria.

Hope you enjoyed the view from our street.

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