Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bogue Banks...

Another beautiful day yesterday and had to make a trip to an RV store for some slide out seal protectant.  Joanie wanted to look at some park models just because she had never been in one before so we drove to Carteret RV, a not-so-big sales and service business where I might find some of this stuff.  The closest Camping World is in Fayetteville or Raleigh and that would be a very dull ride indeed, so we headed southeast down US 17 to Maysville and took NC 58 out to the Bogue Banks - a very pleasant drive. 

Bogue Banks is the southern part of the outer banks of North Carolina. Bogue Banks are the barrier islands that separate The Atlantic Ocean from Boque Sound.  Once barren and desolate, the islands are now all built up and the tourist industry reigns supreme. But it is still pre-season and easy to navigate.

We had to stop at Willis Seafood Market in the village of Emerald Isle and Joanie fried me up my favorite, flounder, for dinner.

View is looking towards Bogue Sound.
The fishing boats dock here to unload their catch at a couple of seafood markets in Emerald Isle.
Your purchase at Willis Seafood Market is cleaned and filleted.

The red snapper were rather small so we got flounder which were good size and my favorite.

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