Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Good Friday...

We went to Holy Thursday Mass at 7 PM fully intending to enjoy the Holy Triduum.  Woke up Friday morning and took my pills as I always do, walked the dogs and put coffee on. I sat down to say my morning prayers and then the unusual part began.  I felt my face tingling especially around my mouth looked in the mirror and saw my lips beginning to swell.  I knew it was a sign of an allergic reaction but I have never had an allergic reaction. After all, I'm not allergic to anything except maybe poison ivy and that only at certain times of the year.

I took my phone out and took a "selfie" just to show myself what I was starting to look like.
Knowing that a reaction like this could be bad, I woke Joanie who took a look at me and gave me 4 benadryl  tablets (total 100 mg) with a glass of water. I was talking like I had a mouth full of marbles. She then drove me to the emergency room.  I brought all the medications I took that morning so they could analyze my condition .  Luckily the ER was not at all busy when I went in and they immediately took me in and started an I.V. with more antihistamine and prednisone.  With that much antihistamine in me I was now sleeping like a baby. 
The ER doctor immediately diagnosed my reaction to one of my blood pressure medications - lisinopril.  I had been tolerating lisinopril well for years.  However, it is not that uncommon for this to happen.  So the ER doctor told me to stop taking it and go see my regular doctor first thing Monday for new blood pressure meds but monitor my BP to be sure I doesn't get too high.  She also took me off some newer meds for arthritis my doctor had started me on a few weeks ago. 
We were out of the ER by 1:30 PM and I was able to speak properly again.  A quick trip to Walgreen's for a 3 day supply of prednisone and Joanie had me resting the rest of the day and has been watching me closely.  I am truly blessed.
Coloring Easter eggs...

By Friday night I was feeling like superman.  Holy Saturday Joanie did let me color Easter eggs.
Easter Sunday I had egg salad on toast for breakfast.
It is one of the immediate effects of prednisone to make you feel "GREAT", especially if you dye your egg the same color as your shirt.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

St. Patrick's Day...

I apologize for the delay in posting this.  I have been under the weather. 

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day last week with a traditional Irish dinner outside, inviting neighbors and friends. 

A pot of shamrocks for the table centerpiece.

It wouldn't be St. Pat's Day with out a Guinness or a black and tan.

Candle, Sydney, Weelew and Diane get ready to feast on corned beef, colcannon, and potatoes, carrots and  cabbage.
Candle tries on the kilt worn by her grandfather.

Candle and her brother Weelew and her son Brandon examine her grandfather's tartan and all the that goes with it.


Sydney and I exchange photos.

For those who would venture, there were green cocktails.

Chris Anderson concocted the green cocktail.

American Irish beer.

Candle donned her grandfather's Irish tartan.

Jeanie played the Irish princess.

How Irish can one get with a Notre Dame cap!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Phaeth's check-up...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, last week Phaeth went in for her annual check-up.  She had her Cummins and Onan checked.  The diesel physician said she was in good health and everything checked out "OK".
Phaeth had her oil changed, oil filters and fuel filters for both her Cummins engine and Onan generator engine.  She also had her coolant checked for potency and proper level.  She is good to go for 15,000 miles or one year, whichever come first.

The "doctor" also lubed all of her Zerk fittings.

 This is the "doctor's office" - Coastal Diesel service is an authorized Cummins and Onan service center just a couple miles from Camp Alexander.
They found no fault codes stored on Phaeth's ECM.  That means that she has been running as expected. 

Phaeth also had to have a minor procedure performed.  The crankcase breather filter (aka coalescing filter) had never been changed on her.  Evidently there is no recommended interval to service this until the driver gets a yellow light on the dash and the engine de-rates (aka limp home mode). So rather than wait for that adventure, I had the filter changed. (We have over 33,000 miles on Phaeth.)  The filter is the rectangular object on the top of the engine in this photo. Getting to the top of the engine is not easy on our motorhome since you have to find and go through an access panel in the carpet covered floor of the bedroom.  Not easy when you have never performed this operation before. 
Next week it is Joanie's and my turn to go see the doctor for our check ups.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Harbingers of spring?

Yesterday the high was 74 degrees F, the skies were the deep Carolina blue that says the air is clear and clean and cause you to breath in deeply and slowly the wonder of God's beautiful creation as the breeze encircles you and caresses your soul.  Life! 

I took these pictures driving along Johnson Point Road to run errands but had to stop and get a closer look.  

Oh Lord, my heart is filled with gratitude for creating all this for me:  For the vastness of space with all the stars and moon, the sun that gives us light; for the earth I walk on, the air I breath, water I drink and food I eat, I give you thanks.  You did all this just because You love me.