Monday, February 29, 2016

Candle's Birthday!

Yesterday was the birthday of a very dear friend who unselfishly does so much for other people and so it was time to return the favor on her birthday.  Candle was sort of an "unofficial" foster daughter back when we were foster parents to other "official" foster children.
From left; Candle's brother, Weelew and his wife Diane, Candle's little sister, Jeanie and Candle, (right) who opens lots of birthday cards...

... and some presents.
Joanie prepared finger sandwiches for Candle's party.

Candle, Joanie and our granddaughter Emory.

Candle's sister Jeanie, our son Christian and Candle talk "old times".  They grew up together.  Candle and Jeanie and Weelew Graham lived just around the corner from us when we lived in New Bern. You have to remember that computers were just being invented and were not household items back then.  Adventures were very "real", back then.

Everyone watches to see if Candle can blow out all her candles.

Our grandson, Deaglan, and our granddaughter, Emory, watch Candle's son Brandon play his video game.

Candle's "unofficially, partially adopted son", Chris Anderson... 

...became playground equipment for Deaglan.
Juniper has adopted Candle as her "official skritcher".  Juniper thinks Candle comes over just to see and scratch her and demands that Candle give her nothing but first-class attention.

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