Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What we've been doin'...
Our youngest son, Chris, graduated with his Masters Degree in Geology on December 12.
Katie, Katie's mom, Kathy, Deaglan and Joanie in the bleachers at UNCW before the graduation ceremony.
The grad. 

On December 6th we went to see Emory's performance in the Nutcracker.  Her grandma presents her with flowers after the show.
A great deal of artistic license was taken to E.T.A. Hoffmann's story that Tchaikovsky wrote the ballet to.  The story was set in Wilmington, NC just after the American civil war and the toy soldiers who do battle with the mouse king were Yankee soldiers carrying American flags.  The local audience did not seem to have any problem accepting this version of the Nutcracker.
We had Christmas Day dinner with old friends Candle, her sister Jeanie and their family.

Jeanie's daughter Sydney did some "posing" for the camera.

And another pose.
As most of you know winter has been postponed on the east coast. Every day in December the daily temperature flirts with 80 degrees and mother nature is trying to create a rain forest here.  Rain, rain please go away!

During a break in the rain, I got this shot of our Christmas tree which we put in our picture window this year.
The day after Christmas we took the grand kids (and their folks) to Bounce.  For hours Deaglan and Emory just burned energy at an unbelievable rate.  

This place has state of the art bounce equipment. 
 Of course Emory had to do everything her big brother did.
After Bounce, we went to a nice Italian restaurant but Emory could not stay awake.  She was totally out of gas.

Later we played with Christmas presents.

Did I mention that it is raining? For Christmas I got Wellingtons; AKA Wellies.  Anyone who has watched PBS knows what Wellies are.  Rubber boots. Did I tell you that it is raining? Even as I write this, a summer thunder storm rages outside.  The ground is super saturated.  Flash flood warnings, rivers spilling over their banks are causing untold problems. 

We are high above the river and creeks and our lot drains as well.  But there is mud everywhere. Therefore, the need for Wellies.

I made this Wellie stand the other day.  The rain washes off the mud while the boots stay dry inside.

This is our latest modification to "Plan B".  A small shed to keep shovels, rakes and a place to store the trash can and recycle bin when we travel.
We expect to break camp here and move Phaeth and Hope to the KOA in Wilmington on Sunday.  We will be helping Chris and Katie with the kids while Chris travels to the OBX for three weeks.  The GeoEngineering company he works for will have him working on their barge taking core samples for the North Carolina DOT. He will be the resident geologist identifying soil and rock samples.  He will be coming home on weekends when grandma and I will rest.


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  1. Sure enough, lots of rain on the east coast. But at least up here in Central PA no flooding. Happy New Year to you and yours.