Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not exactly an adventure...

Lobo lays in front of the dorm fridge.  It was taking up one of "his" favorite spots in the coach.
Wednesday, a week ago, I was awakened by the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof of Phaeth. In the gray, early morning light I peeked out the windows and saw puddles forming around us.  I put on my rain suit and walked Lobo and Juniper who had to be dried off when we came back in, all smelling of "wet dog". 
Made coffee, got Joanie up and started to break camp.  There is probably nothing more dispiriting than breaking camp in the pouring rain.  Yuck!
But we were also anticipating an improvement to the way our life style had been for the last 3 weeks. 
We had been living without our refrigerator.  Living in less than 360 square feet without our fridge was less than pleasant, to put it mildly.  When the fridge died, we had to do A LOT of cooking very quickly, giving most of it away, then trashing what would soon go bad.  We called an RV repair center here in New Bern who ordered a large, expensive part that would revive the poor dead fridge and scheduled a day to have it repaired which was Wednesday a week ago, in pouring rain.  We drove Phaeth to the RV repair center then waited for a call to tell us of the good news that our fridge was "ALIVE". Now we had to drive back to the campground, in the pouring rain and set up camp, in the pouring rain, walk the dogs in the pouring rain, dry off and crash.
At 8:30 PM we were startled out of our fatigue stupor by the sound of ice falling into the empty ice bucket in the freezer.  Huzzah! And thank you, Lord!  We had our fridge back.
In our small world, small victories are celebrated.
Lobo has his sleeping spot back and the dorm fridge we were using is outside waiting for someone to come and get it and make some use of it.


  1. All that rain and no fridge. Such are to trials we face as RVers. Sunny roads and cold eggs and milk ahead!

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