Thursday, November 12, 2015

From where I sit...
The view is pretty nice! 

New Bern, North Carolina is only single digits above sea level on the vast flat, open, coastal plain so you would not think that there could be any majestic, awe inspiring views.  However, we have been blessed to have been given the best campsite in the RV park. 

My work station looks out the driver side of the coach and I have the best views and get to see gorgeous sunsets! I look across the marsh grass from the Bridgeton community to see New Bern on the other side of the river.   The Neuse River is almost a mile wide at this point.  Another mile southeast the Trent River joins it to be almost a mile and a half wide. Farther down you can take a ferry ride from Cherry Point to Minnesott Beach.  Drive father southeast and you can take ferries to the Outer Banks.

Geese are plentiful this time of year and their honking, low flyovers drown out the mocking birds and the tapping of the red headed wood peckers. 

Our work and RV adventures are keeping us busy.  I will tell you about some that in a later post.

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  1. Envious! That is a terrific view and I would love the sound of the geese. We are thinking of spending some time in NC in late Spring.