Monday, September 21, 2015

Home work...
It is the 21st of September.  Autumn came in last night. 50 degrees when the sun finally decided to get up this morning.  I turned on the heat pumps. The high today is expected to be 69.  These are very normal temperatures for north central Massachusetts. The weather had been more like Charlotte, NC until last night.
Many trees have already changed over to their fall colors. The trees around Phaeth have been dropping stuff for a couple of weeks now. Lobo does not like acorns hitting the roof.  He gets very anxious and thinks it is a thunder storm. From a distance I could see tree junk accumulating on the awnings, the slide out toppers and roof so yesterday I drove the 15 miles to Nashua, NH and bought a leaf blower. (You don't pay any sales tax in New Hampshire.  Hurray for New Hampshirites! That's the ticket!)
Today I got out my telescoping ladder and took the leaf blower up on the roof.  What a work out!  Carried the leaf blower up and down the ladder getting the acorns and leaves and pine needles off.  I also made a small modification to the electric bay door so I could store electric dog bones and extension cords.  While I was up on the roof, I also fixed my CB antenna. I lubricated the big awning mechanism and stowed all the awnings except one so that I will not accumulate any more tree debris on them.  The day before we leave here, I will blow off the slide out toppers again.
Sorry, I don't have any pictures of me doing all this but my hands were full and Joanie was busy cleaning out the fridge. You will just have to take my word for it; but if you had seen me, you would have said, "Good going, old man!"


  1. your campsite looks beautiful. I'm headed to Tn. the 23rd to see my 93 yr. old aunt and hope to also see some colorful leaves. I heard from the Heritages and they seem to be enjoying retirement with their RV also.
    Keep on keeping on!