Wednesday, September 2, 2015

... not goofin' off ...

So you think that because I have not posted in the last few days, we are goofing off.  Not so, not so!
We have been busy taking our granddaughters back-to-school shopping, among other things. 

Teachers here in Massachusetts are very particular about the supplies they want their students to have when they return to the class room.  Not wanting our granddaughters to get off on the wrong side of their teachers, we went from store to store to store to get everything on the teacher's list including a plastic (not paper), yellow (not any other color), two pocket (not more nor fewer) folder sans the metal clasp grommets. 

But we made fun days out of it.
The mall had a merry-go-round that Kaylee had to try out.
We found the math flash cards at Toys-R-Us, of all places, which also happened to sell Barbie stuff.  Who knew!?

Had to have lunch at the mall food court...

Dad is smilin' cause he does not have to go along.

Lobo's mopey because he was not allowed to go along.

Dorothy approached the task with all the enthusiasm of a typical adolescent.

The girl's took a break one day in the campground's pool with grandma ...


... and Kaylee had a sleep-over.  Girls sure don't travel with much, do they.

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