Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Stillness...

Mayfair Campground, Blossvale, New York is out, way out in farm country.  It is a quiet RV park that is getting some age on it but still is attractive. We loved the peace and stillness. Just when you thought its was the quietest place in the entire state, a rooster crows, a cow groans, a pony sings out and a dog barks.  Yes, we are in farm country and about a quarter mile away are old working farms that have not changed since the 1930's.  Oh, yes, when you are down wind, you can smell it, too.

 One morning a couple of free-range hens had explored a little too close to the road I was taking Juniper and Lobo for their morning constitutional.  Through the high grass black dog noses met yellow chicken beaks.  The hens gave a loud screech and ran like, like... well, they were chicken back to the sanctuary of their barn yard.
We have observed in our travels that most man-made things are just abandoned when they no longer are of any use. Nature is very quick to reclaim the abandonment as her own.


Our campsite backed up to a lake that was once an oxbow on the Fish Creek River.  Many decades ago the river jumped it's bank and found a new route to flow leaving the oxbow now as "U" shaped lake.
We left Blossvale and headed to Littleton, Massachusetts which is in the center of the state.  The entire eastern half of the state of Massachusetts is Boston and the suburbs of Boston - one big metroplex.   I hope we are far enough west to hear a rooster crow; I enjoy the stillness.

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