Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More from Cherokee and the Blue Ridge...

A game of corn hole.

Enjoyin' an evening campfire.

Your best girl and an adult beverage...

...it doesn't get much better than this!

Moon over the mountain.

Almost everyday during our stay in Cherokee, we were visited by a yellow Chickadee who attacked another Chickadee he saw reflected in the chrome and mirrors on Phaeth. (This photo  was shot through the privacy screen).
A momma duck and her brood. The wild ducks owned this place.  It seemed as though ducklings were hatching and growing the entire time we were in Happy Holliday Campground which had a strict rule of not chasing or molesting the ducks.  They wandered about with little regard for us humans or our dogs knowing somehow that ducks were special here. Early every morning all the ducks, young and old, conferenced at the lake and were then sent off to do the work ducks do.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway one day, we met a couple who had forgotten their selfie stick.

 Vast, breathtaking views of God's creation...

Trip to Fontana Dam 

 Fontana dam is the largest of all the TVA dams.  We visited here about twenty years ago.  At that time we were able to tour the generating station as well as the dam.  However, since 9-11 tourist access to the generating station had been cut off.

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