Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Beyond the regular servicing of their rigs, most RVers make modifications and add a few pieces of electronics, etc. and I am no different.  The way the RV comes from the factory may not be just quite right or a newer gadget may have come along that you want to have or you think you need.  There is an RV supply retail chain called Camping World that thrives on this flaw in human nature called the "gotta have it!"

However, the modification I present here did not come from CW but from a another human necessity not to be embarrassed  in a public place (and not to have to clean up human waste product).  The materials to manufacture this modification came from Lowes Home Improvement store.
This DIY project is something I am very proud of but is not in the least bit exciting so I will be brief:

In our wet bay are the valves that allow us to dump our holding tanks.  These black gate vales are connected to black pipes which are spin welded into the holding tanks.  To open and close the gate valves you must apply a good deal of pressure causing the pipes to flex.  Too much flex will eventually lead to a crack of the waste pipe(s) - something you do not want to happen!  I bought a piece of 1/8" thick x 1" aluminum stock from Lowes and couple of stainless bolts and nylock nuts.  I measured and cut the bar stock to length. With vice grips, I twisted the bar 90 degrees and then put a 90 degree bend at the bottom, drilled holes and attached the device to the valves and to the rail at the bottom of the wet bay with a bolt and a locking nut.

The valves are now rock solid and I can ease my mind from the nasty accident that would some day happen. Maybe.

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