Friday, July 31, 2015

Erie, fascinating places...

Wordsmiths better than I have expounded on the values of travel.  The truth about travel is that there is some primordial urge in humankind to explore, to be dissatisfied with familiar surroundings, to experience more, to discover.  I believe that travel is integral to the need to be free.  I travel, therefore I am free!

From July 27 to July 30 we were camped at Timber Ridge Campground, Amherst, Ohio.  Ohio is not unlike Indiana with most of the rural roads running perpendicular to one another - due north and south and east and west.  The early surveyors faced with mapping the vast new country made the work as easy as possible for themselves with land that was flat, flat and flat.

You can go south, west or east and you can take your time making up your mind because you will sit at the intersection for half hour before a farm tractor, a pickup truck or another car will be seen.
Many of the country roads are not striped and are the old tar and gravel Macadam roads that have been here since the Ford model-T.

The fishing pond at Timber Ridge Campground.

Morning due drop.

The flat farm land is suddenly interrupted by shale cliffs carved by the Vermillion River near Vermillion, Ohio.  A little boy plays in the gently flowing river water.


 You never can tell what you might find exploring old country roads.
In 1847 the US Congress authorized the building of the Vermillion light house to aid navigation on lake Erie.

 The beach at Vermillion.
The "port" of Vermillion was a fishing and small boat harbor established in 1837.
19th century residential architecture.

 Travel east on US 6 which hugs the coast of Lake Erie and you arrive at Loraine, Ohio.  Loraine is proud of their park on the beach which featured a large rose garden.  Loraine is a sleepy old Rust Belt town that was once much more prosperous before all of America's manufacturing went to Mexico and China.

Many of the books that Joanie and I read come from "exchange" libraries - take a book when you leave a book.  Most RV parks have such libraries.  This one we found on the beach in Vermillion.  Reading is a common beach activity.

 A pretty little country cottage out in the farm lands of north central Ohio.
 SURPRISE! Out in the middle of no-where, next to a working farm, we came upon this thriving business.  Model O-scale trains!  We got my dad his birthday present here.  This a BIG store that attracts model railroaders from Toledo and Cleveland and mail order. 
The owners of the business had some very handsome layouts and demonstrated some very expensive trains just for us.

 I was really impressed with the smoke these models could produce.
This is just one of the many walls of merchandise they stocked.  We saw a warehouse of cases of locomotives, rolling stock and model structures.  There are a number of Korean companies that manufacture O-scale models that run on Lionel track. 
Ya never can tell what ya might find when ya go exploring!

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