Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weighing the Last Anchor ...

Even though we cast off just over a year ago full timing, we have always been dragging an anchor.  The anchor was our self storage closet located in Tega Cay which was near our old house.  Stuff we could not find room for in Phaeth stayed in the self storage closet.  It was just as few things we "thought" we might need: an air compressor, extra clothes (mostly mine), cook books (mostly Joanie's), family videos and a few other small items.  For a year we have been paying rent to store this stuff and always knew that we had return to deal with it.

We had to find room in Phaeth for whatever we wanted to keep out of the storage closet and take the remainder to Goodwill.  This required us to do an inventory of the contents of Phaeth and get rid of some things.  We went through the closet, under the bed, all the cabinets, the basement and removed some things. 
Basement storage had to be re-organized...

...and we had to get rid of a few things...

... to find room for items we wanted to keep from the self storage closet...

...and no body does organizing better than Joanie!

Here we were parting again with "STUFF".  We thought all that was behind us when went through the whole, huge process of downsizing, getting rid of the house, the cars and all the STUFF we get attached to.  It was agonizing work and we did not look forward to doing it again.  This time was different.  This time it was a lot easier and a whole lot less emotional.  I guess we are getting use to de-stuffing. 

We handed in the key to the self storage closet and said good bye.  This last month we also said "Good byes" to doctors, old friends and friends at church.  We told them this was indeed the final "Good bye" because we would probably never be back this way again.  Wow!  Did that ever sound final.  Then I thought, "Never say 'never'".

We don't know where God will guide us in the coming years.  That's the adventure!  That's what makes all this so exciting!

Traveling full-time is not the "all romance and glamor" you might think it is.  We have chores do to. One I do a couple times a year is give Phaeth her bath. This is not the most pleasant of work when the out side temperature is in the high 90's.  However with the help of our grand nephew, Jacob and a couple of young guys from church, Grayson and Carter, I was able to tackle the job in just a few hours.  Grayson climbed up top and washed the roof which is now whiter and may keep us a bit cooler.

Joanie came out to document our progress.
Carter's job was to chamois off water spots.

Jacob, Grayson and myself working in the hot sun.

We took this shot to prove to Jacob's mom and dad that we are not working him too hard. 


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