Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Bern Visit...

While here in New Bern Joanie has come down with shingles even though we both had the shingles vaccine about a year ago.  We hope it will be a curtailed and minor bout since she did have the vaccine. 

We have also been visiting with old family and friends here.

This is our camp site at the KOA in New Bern. 

Candle (our unofficial foster daughter), Peggy (AKA Peggers and official foster daughter) Joanie, me, Jeanie (another unofficial foster daughter) and her daughter, Sidney.

Sidney performs the "magic" trick of turning the glass over and the water stays in it.  And she did it!

Who woulda thunk our foster daughter, Peggers, would one day become a biker babe? Ok, it's not as far fetched as you'd think.

We have also been looking for a some property to buy.  No, we have not halted our adventure of living on the road.  We need a permanent address because the government wants to keep track of us and without a permanent address it is very hard to get a voter registration card.  Other institutions have trouble with our current address so we have decided to help them out.  The property will also one day be our final parking place when we do decide to pull the parking brake for the last time.  The search has not been an easy one and will take some time to complete so we will probably be back here soon.

Most fulltime RVers use a family member's address to avoid the problems we have encountered or set up residence in an RV friendly state like Florida or South Dakota. We don't want to burden any of our children with this responsibility because they might move themselves. We will keep you updated.

Tuesday, we break camp here and head to Lake Wylie, SC for bunch of doctor visits. Not sure where we will go from there.

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