Friday, May 15, 2015


We took our time yesterday to break camp, probably because we were so tired, topped off our propane tank at the Wilmington KOA, back tracked a bit to a truck stop to do the same to the diesel tank and then head generally north for a short trip to New Bern, after all it was one of those glorious late spring days that the Masterful Creator shows us how much He loves us.

The short route would have been up US 17 through Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune which we have traveled hundreds of times over the years and is anything but scenic.  We had plenty of time and decided to take a more leisurely path.    

We were going back to our old  "home town" where we had raised our family, made life long friends and where Joanie's parents are buried. Going back is like putting on a pair of your old, well-worn jeans - it feels good.  There is a peacefulness that comes over you on riding through the old small villages that are not big enough to be towns, really. The back roads that carry you past warm fields, aged farm houses, rusting silos and countless little churches.  Some people would describe this as God's country and they would be absolutely correct.  These people have an attachment to the land and to their Creator.  Our little family went to one of these little churches in Jones County 30 years ago.  The road was carrying us back to a place and to a time in our memories.

Tim Buchman photograph of Christ Episcopal church in Trenton, NC.

We traveled up North Carolina highway 41 past places you may have never heard of - Chinquapin, Beaulaville, Potters Hill, Trenton and Comfort. 

We pulled in to the New Bern KOA early and after setting up most of our camp sight, I crashed and had a nice, comfortable nap.

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