Monday, April 20, 2015

The Merry "D"

While finishing the winter in Kissimmee, we stayed in what became one of our favorite RV parks - The Merry "D" RV Sanctuary.  For us, it had all the right stuff.  It had plenty of room, lots of places to walk the dogs, lots of flat, paved roads to walk and ride our bikes, good water and water pressure (most of the time), very friendly owners and fellow RVers, close to good shopping and, very important for us, close to a great church.


Yes, that is an alligator. In the small lakes at The Merry "D" there were also, fish, turtles and frogs.  When walking near any water feature in Florida it is always a good idea to be observant for hazards such as alligators. They have even been known to climb into unfenced backyard pools.

Plenty of room in this RV park.

Full moon and clouds.

Merry "D" is also close to Disney and all the other entertainment attractions you associate with central Florida but we never took advantage of that.  We had our own agenda for the month we stayed there.  Our main reason was for Joanie to find the grave of her grandfather and any other leads to her ancestry which was very successful.  We also got our taxes done, made some minor repairs, celebrated Holy Week and Easter and helped a lady whose home was burned out.

We decorated some Easter eggs.
And I got my hair cut by Mickey Mouse! The young lady at the hair cutting place, a professed workaholic, plays the character Mickey and Minnie at Disneyworld and makes extra money cutting hair on her days off.  To say that a cartoon character gave you a hair cut is pretty cool!

This is Kathy, one of the co-owners, the one whose house burned.  She is also a blue ribbon quilter and teaches quilting at Merry "D".  She has a small quilt/craft building on sight that has a huge quilting machine in it. Some of her students' works are pictured below.

We may winter here again some day.

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