Friday, April 3, 2015

Holy Week

Yesterday was Holy Thursday. Last night at sunset Good Friday began. (The Catholic Church reverts to the Jewish tradition of time keeping during the Triduum). For Christians everywhere it is the beginning of the holiest time of the entire year. The commemoration of our salvation is heavy with ancient traditions that date to the time of the Exodus. 

 St. Rose of Lima is not a wealthy church.  It sits in a working class neighborhood in Poinciana, Florida which is just south of Kissimmee.  It is way too small.  The pastor is from the Philippines and they have 3 deacons who speak Spanish and Creole.

Since we have been in Kissimmee we have been attending St. Rose of Lima parish.  Last evening we participated in Holy Thursday services that were new and wonderful and beautiful for us because the  Mass was celebrated in 4 languages.  English, Spanish, Creole and Latin.  The experience was a true expression of the universality and the humanity of the Christian faith.  It was an outward sign of the Love of God for his people and the return of love to God from His people, The Holy Spirit visible in their faces.

St. Rose of Lima parish is located in a lower income section of central Florida and consists of white, African-American, Latino, Philippine, Vietnamese, and, I think, Haitian peoples.  We look forward to service for the remainder of he week.

A very blessed Easter to all!

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