Tuesday, March 24, 2015


While we were in Lake Worth visiting my dad he remembered the trains he had when he was a kid and we talked about the trains I had when I was growing up. I have never analyzed (nor have I been analyzed) why trains are fascinating.  They can hold kids of any age spellbound.  My dad said that he wished he had a train again and that the third bedroom which had little in it would be a great place for it. 

So Joanie and I talked about it and decided to get this 93 year old man an electric train and set it up for him to run.

We found a train oriented hobby shop close by in Lake Worth. Wow, what a place! It is a mom & pop business with quality layouts.  Masterfully done, detailed layouts. It is no wonder that the place is successful - the layouts sell!  This is all "gotta have", quality stuff - no "toys" here.  Serious hobbyists only!


We got dad a Lionel set of an old New York Central freight.  We purchased some extra track and switches so that he could really "run a railroad".  The sound effects are great with a whistle, bell, chugging and sounds of the station when she is halted.  Never had anything like this when I was a kid.

Dad seemed very pleased with his railroad and had to show Rea the first chance he could. 
We left Lake Worth and headed to Kissimmee to work on our taxes.  We'll stay in Kissimmee for 30 days while we decide where to go next.  


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