Sunday, March 8, 2015

From the West Coast to the East Coast ...

... of Florida.  We have moved from Ruskin and Manatee RV Park (which we have come to love) to John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Florida.  The cross peninsula highways are far from being freeways and the interior of Florida is its heartland:  large cattle ranches and horse farms, miles of orange groves and truck farms.  The vast majority of Florida's traffic flow is North-South on I-95, The Florida Turnpike and I-75.  So we were relegated to two lane roads most of the trip.

Speaking of transportation, the inhabitants of  Manatee RV Park used a variety of transportation methods besides bipedal that included bicycles, tricycles of the adult type and the ubiquitous golf cart for just getting around the property.  A pedestrian had to be alert to the quiet electric type golf cart sneaking up behind them.



While we are on the subject of transportation, I thought I'd mention that I purchased my very first ever pair of Jesus shoes.  It is sort of the trend of footwear in Florida for retired men.  I still can't give up my socks, though.  Maybe I am "cold footed" but I like my wool hiking socks.
Enjoying another perfect day in paradise with the dogs.

Juniper poses when I aim the camera at her.

Lobo can't be bothered from checking his messages.

We took a beginning line dancing class while at Manatee RV Park. I don't think I passed.
Full moon rising in the East over Manatee RV Park.

We got together with old friends Boots and his wife Joan who were staying at an RV park about and hour north of us.  We met halfway in Seffner, Florida and had lunch and got caught up on adventure tales.

And, yes, we never have any fun!
And we have begun work on our taxes or Joanie has. We are going to try and get them done in the next few days.

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  1. I met your buddy, Boots, at a Tiffin Travelers meeting a few years ago in PA, and then ran into him at an FMCA rally in Perry, GA later. He recognized me as I walked around the grounds.

    As shown by the 'leg' picture, he is a hoot and real 'different kind of personality'. Tell him I said hello.