Monday, March 30, 2015


There some days that are just more glorious than others.  You can count them on one hand.  Today was one of those days that God sends you to remind you how much He loves us, that He created all this for us. 

 This is a non-photoshoped picture.

Mondays are laundry days (unless we are traveling).  We do chores and minor repairs.  Joanie wanted to launder the king size quilt that we have on the queen size bed.  Our little washer cannot handle an item of that size so she walked to the RV park's laundry to use their  oversize machine.  She noted how blue the sky was, how bright the sun, how clean, fresh and dry the air.  So we have been enjoying God's creation out on our patio; saw a striking sea bird circle overhead gliding on the thermals.  Perhaps it was an angel enjoying the day, too.  Joanie prayed her Chaplet of Divine Mercy and later we will take the dogs on a nice long walk.

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