Friday, February 27, 2015

Manatee RV Park, Ruskin, Florida

This photo was taken by my most recent upgrade - a dash cam.  I took the still after backing into our site and Joanie parked Hope in front of Phaeth.  The dash cam was invented for drivers in Europe especially Russia where proving that driving mishaps were "the other guy's fault" and becoming that way in this country, too.  It is hard to dispute video evidence.  Many motorhome owners have added this tool because bad people see the big shiny vehicle and see $ signs and risk their lives with a break check on us. 

We are parked in a section of still moveable RV's.  Most of the park is permanent.

There are  several "lakes" throughout the property and each has alligator warning signs.  I haven't seen any of the reptiles yet although Joanie has.

Sites are very close together.  You need to be careful putting out your awnings.

Last Saturday we pulled into this campground.  There are literally hundreds of these kinds of communities through out the United States.  Private RV or trailer parks with private streets that have been upgraded little over the years where people have become permanent residents.  They have parked their travel trailer, 5th wheel or single wide mobile home for the last time, putting it up on cinder blocks then adding rooms, skirts, roof, gutters and down spouts that make them look more like stick and brick houses than RVs.  In some cases all semblance of their former purpose is gone.  In a way it kind makes me sad but on the other hand I marvel at the ability of man to repurpose the environment or things he has made.

Somewhere under all the added structural elements is a travel trailer. 

This 5th wheel has an added room on the side, a little porch and steps.  Some day when they add a roof over the whole thing, add more walls, it will look like any other "Florida" home.

A small travel trailer with a slide out now has a skirt and a roof. 

Some of the remodeling is very nicely done.

This one kind of made me sad - Yes, that is an Airstream being digested.

At least half of the "perms" have a Florida license plate in the front window.  I don't know if the owner of the "home" is required to register the "vehicle" by law.

The closest post office is one.  Sun City, Florida incorporates a large area and it is near mostly rural Ruskin.  Only one post master, no waiting in line.  Efficient little post office.

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