Sunday, February 8, 2015

I confess...

I have been very remiss in paying attention to my blog.  But I have a good excuse, sort of...  We have been busy doing a thorough cleaning of the inside of Phaeth.  We have gone through more of our stuff and have made a deposit at Goodwill and I have made a contribution to my "rag bag". 

We also have been enjoying our selves thoroughly in the Florida sunshine.  We stayed in one place long enough to received our new foldable bicycles and have spent time getting reacquainted with a velocipede. We ride around the campgrounds stopping occasionally to talk; even to folks you have never met before because every RVer is a friend.  That's just the nature of RVing.  We all have the road in common.

In the RV community, being outdoors means you are available for conversation from any other RVer.  Even if you are reading a book, washing the dog, cooking on the grill -  everyone and anyone may say, "Hello!". Conversations can go on for several minutes or be just a quick, "How ya' doin'?"  So if you don't want to talk, go inside or pretend you are sleeping in your easy chair.

Many RV communities create their own social atmosphere.  The campers will schedule craft classes, movie nights, dances and institute free lending libraries of books and DVD's.  They put together health and fitness groups using the pool, shuffleboard, bocce ball, darts, horse shoes and other games of skill. The RV park only furnishes the pool and meeting room. 

Last night we danced to live music and had a blast.  The cortisone shots made me a dancin' fool.

Joanie stayed out on the dance floor while I gave my knees a rest.

Us old folks can MOVE, baby.


  1. What a great life RVing is! Have a blast! We're very close to moving into our Rv fulltime. :)