Thursday, January 8, 2015

Survived and Survived
It is 2:30 in the afternoon.  We may not hit the "revised" predicted high of 28. (Revised down from 31).

Got through the night OK.  Nothing frozen inside.  We now have a new record of surviving 10 degrees.  Tonight it will be a balmy 16.  Makes ya' want to go out and plant palm tress doesn't it.

I also survived a trip to the doctor's (orthopedic) office first thing this AM.  I was worried that Hope may not want to start.  But I got there in the blustery weather and felt very sorry for the other ortho patients hobbling in with me (actually they hobbled a lot worse than me).  Yes, I was not the worse patient the doctor had ever seen.  They took some really neat x-rays of my knees including an "over the shoulder shot" that gave the doctor a really good look of my patella (knee cap). For now the doctor said I could get some relief from cortisone shots.  So he needled both my knees and I was off; call him in the future if I have more trouble and he will consider another treatment including possible knee replacements. Who knows, maybe they will come up with a new miracle cure for arthritis on the knee.

So that's the update.  Will go to work on travel plans next after we get through the "arctic blast".

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