Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Lingering New England

We spent most of autumn in Massachusetts.  What a glorious autumn it was, too.  The colors were brilliant and vibrant.
Culture in New England is everywhere; even the architecture exudes it.  Museums are everywhere and they are good ones, too, since they have been collecting longer than most.


New England's home-town charm has become an American cliché.

The narrow, winding roads were a challenge to navigate.  They were a roller coaster ride at times fraught with blind curves and hidden drives. These roads are narrow because they were once just trails that became wagon roads so a lot of the old houses, country stores and inns are right out on the road.

Stone is everywhere.  The farmers in New England still plow up big rocks and boulders which they have always used for foundations and walls.  I came across old stone fences while hiking through the woods where 70 year old trees now stand that were once farm fields and pastures.
And if you love history, you will find plenty here.

We gladly leave behind New England's weather!  

But hardest of all to leave is family.  We love you guys!


And now, new adventures await us.

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