Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Busy Christmas Season

Just because we have divested ourselves of a stick and brick domicile and a huge portion of our worldly possessions, it doesn't mean that our life style has change all that much.  We still go to church as before, we still socialize as before (perhaps more!). 

On December 8 we drove to Charlotte to await a Doctor's appointment I needed.  While there we went to Mass at our old parish and on Sunday evening went to the Knights of Columbus Christmas Party with so many of our old friends including the "Saturday Night Regulars".

Brendon and Rosemary part of the "SNR". (I apologize for the poor photos I was using my old smart phone that does not do well under low light conditions.)

Joan (also a SNR) and "SNR" Brendon.

Mary (a new member of the SNRs) and Jane whom I sit next to in the choir and keeps me on the right page.

Al, Boots (a SNR) and  his wife Joan.

We found out that Mary and Father Ed can really cut a rug.

Yeah, Mary's quite the Rocker!

That's us also SNR's.

Don't let anyone tell ya that them ol' folks can't have a good time!

I'll catch you up on our travels soon.  Busy, busy, busy!  Gotta run!


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