Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ha! I didn't realize that I had the temperature, time, date and the wet bay temperature here in Wilmington in my photo of our Crèche we have next to the tree. It is going to be 70 degrees today and lots of rain as a big storm that started yesterday moves up the coast. 
25 years ago to the day another big storm took the same path up the coast and dumped a large amount of moisture and the people here still talk about that storm! "The storm of the century", they called it and as Christmas Eve rolls around every year for the last 24 years they remember.  This year the local newspaper recalled it on the front page.  The storm dumped 24 inches of snow on the city halting all Christmas shopping 2 days before Christmas and paralyzing the city. Only the staunchest of 4-wheel drive vehicles were able to run and then only for emergencies as the city had no way to plow the anomaly of that much white stuff.  Usually in the South snow doesn't hang around long and you just have to wait for it to melt, usually one or two days. With this storm came zero degree cold air that stayed long enough to make life uncomfortable for many lasting most of the week.
Many of us got I.O.U.'s for Christmas that year but for those of us who could cope and were blessed to be with our families, it was the most peaceful, beautiful Christmas ever!
photo courtesy WECT website

photo courtesy WECT website

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