Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!
We are parked at the Wilmington KOA and have been since December 16.

We got the monthly rate even though we will not be staying an entire month.  It is still cheaper that way.  It's a great campground with lots of amenities and a KOA president's award winner. Level camp sites (of course this is not difficult here since Eastern North Carolina is about the flattest place on the planet) and moderate temperatures (about seven degrees warmer than Charlotte because of it's location on the coast, close to the Gulf Stream), it is a snowbird RV park and, with the exception of tent sites, has been almost full the whole time we have been here .

Again, I have to apologize for the delay in making a post but I have a very good excuse!  We Have been busy! We have seen a lot of family and close friends and celebrated Christmas with them. Here are pictures of some of them:





Brett and Chris.

Deaglan and his new wrist watch.



Chris, Deaglan, Katie and Emory.

Sidney. (I know how you feel.)

Angie and CJ.


Sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean is Bogue Fishing Pier in Emerald Isle seen from the beach house CJ and Angie rented for a holiday week.




One of my Christmas presents is this tea towel that reads, "Dog Hair both a condiment and a fashion accessory." A true statement.
Katie and Chris.


Joanie gets a chance to rest with Smokie Joe, Brandon's pet wiener dog. 
And our calendar is still full.  We both agree that it sure doesn't feel like we are "retired" but what does "retired" feel like?  We don't know.
We had a great luncheon with Katherine and Ray Brandi today.  It was really great catching up with Wilmington through them. They are great folks who have been friends for years.
We hope to entertain Deaglan in the motorhome on New Year's Day with a sleep over.
May Our Lord Jesus pour forth His blessings on you and your family in the new year!


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